Catering And Decoration


Have us set the mood for you and frame the emotion.

The smaller details might seem evasive to the eye, but go a long way in the making and breaking of an important event. Mosh Events has the aesthetic prowess to transform an ordinary venue, flip it upside down, and make it beautifully unrecognizable.

Quite often, clients have most things under their control, but require help in only certain areas and aspects of their events. This is exactly why we also offer micro-level services on events. Be it decorating just your stage, an entire hall, or just arranging for lounging of guests, Mosh Events is one of the very few companies catering to small scale client requirements.

Mosh is at your disposal wherever you might require its services, no matter how small.


You will never forget this moment

We will make an unforgettable holiday for you, trust us!